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Writer. Researcher. Observer. Aspiring minimalist. Photographer. Music collector. Social Drinker. Sex enthusiast. Urban. Queer. Accepting. Public Transportation.
Spring and Autumn Memoir

Doctor, Doctor
Give me Gas In My Ass

yeah this made me cry. only because I wasn’t expecting it.


It’s been about four years since I played? My band director would be so disappointed

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Oh yes, 
the aforementioned Hope.



Robert Glasper - Radiohead Cover
“Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box”.

Posting for the polyphonics.
of course….

Light Echoes

Traces of light are broadcast onto landscapes by a moving laser aboard a train. In Light Echoes, we collapse time and space into images which document the historical pulses of data in the form of light reflecting off earth and matter.

This is the first expression of an ongoing series.

I needed a distraction from that last post. So here.


this was a nice listen.
duplicated but nice.


Flying Lotus Remix - Let it Go (Reefer)

i don’t know what’s more interesting,
children soldiers
a gritty show of masculinity with wigs and dresses
either way
it haunts me.
in the best way.

Laura Mvula: Jump Right Out
Still on her…..get over it.


Laura Mvula - That’s Alright….



The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye. Direction: Roxy Farhat & Kakan Hermansson. DOP: Aida Chehrehgosha. Editing: Roxy Farhat.

‘A Tooth For An Eye’ deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. Who are the people we trust as our leaders and why? What do we have to learn from those we consider inferior? In a sport setting where one would traditionally consider a group of men as powerful and in charge, an unexpected leader emerges. A child enters and allows the men to let go of their hierarchies, machismo and fear of intimacy, as they follow her into a dance. Their lack of expertise and vulnerability shines through as they perform the choreography. Amateurs and skilled dancers alike express joy and a sense of freedom; There is no prestige in their performance. The child is powerful, tough and sweet all at once, roaring “I’m telling you stories, trust me”. There is no shame in her girliness, rather she possesses knowledge that the men lost a long time ago.

Reposting this because it may convince doubters to listen to the album (which for my money will be the obvious contender-to-beat for record of the year), and—don’t hold me to this, but—with its airy polyphonic textures and a new level of depth in Karin’s voice, it may just be the greatest song that The Knife have ever produced.

you do realize
it’s the minimalism that got me
the simplicity of the message.
i love this june thing.


& forever

see look.