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Despite a conversation I had not too long ago with a friend of mine, and the metaphor associated with trains in the conversation, I think (just from learning and observing) it sometimes seem a little safer on the train. But sometimes - safety and the concept behind it, doesn’t always have [your] best interest at heart.

Sometimes it’s best to simply - remove yourself completely away from the train. Allow the associated risks to run their course.


Rail travel in India

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Whether you like it or not.


Amtrak has broken ridership records for eight of the last nine years (see chart above). Joseph Boardman, the CEO of the railroad, said in a statement that “Amtrak is fulfilling its national mission and is part of the solution to meet America’s growing transportation and energy needs.”

The Northeast Corridor, which carries almost 11 million each year, had a five percent growth in riders and a seven percent revenue bump in revenue, even as discount buses expanded heavily along the same route.

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Yo i found myself sitting on the platform today. and the usual freight came flying by. first it was the echoing of the tracks. then the actual diesel flying by at 45. and i watched the many many cars following in processional order. it was amazing. the sound they made. loud. very loud. clicking loud. screeching loud. squeaking loud. never letting go. always holding. they flew by so fast. and the diesel could be heard, about 500 feet after passing, wailing.

i sat on the blue bench hoping no one would catch me rocking. and it wailed again. hard. and i rocked. and the cars screeched. and the sun was slipping behind walbrook junction and penn-north and pussy ass light rails pulled up with ‘finished service’ marquees and just like a tired tired raconteur, 

the train wailed. wailed. and wailed some more. til it was whispering. but that’s silly, can’t no diesel whisper. but it was so far off, it was like a missed message struggling to catch up. and those cars, in greens and browns, old and rugged, they ain’t have no pride. just humility and purpose. and they clickety clacked and screamed they sopranos bur den some ly back behind remington.

then i slow strolled up to the house.

Boarding a double-decker
Streetcar Press Photography


Calgary Transit by harv emter



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The Russian Government has given the go-ahead to build a $65 billion transcontinental railway linking Siberia with North America. The project aims to feed North America with raw goods from the Siberian interior and beyond. A renewable energy transmission corridor will also be put in that feeds wind and tidal power across vast distances. The tunnel through the Bering Strait will be the longest tunnel in the world and would cross the International Date Line.