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Africa…. I Freak Her
Chris Dave and the DrumHedz Mixtape

music got me late
music got me high
music got me up to no damn good.

Thank you Kriss Mincey
for putting me on….

I’m in the fetal position
with an auxiliary cord shoved a quarter inch into my good vein
i used the shoelaces of my earth shoes to make it bulge
and i pumped quarter notes into my bloodstream
and while i listen,
i’m gyrating my hips like booty do in crotches at overcrowded clubs.

*cuts off lights* 

I love how elitist I am. I love that my supply of what gets me high, belongs to me. I love it when passersby covet the gorgeous in my possession. It makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. Especially when I’m able to brew my own shit in my own kitchen and take own self where the fuck I need to be.

So why am I turning all green eyed over my pusherman. I mean after all, he is the one that typically supplies me when I’m low. He gives me the good shit, most of the time, when I ain’t even lookin’ or expectin’. So why is it that I’m irritated this evening? Probably because my pusherman didn’t necessarily make tonight’s fix exclusively for me. No… he shared it with a bunch of other maw’fuckas and I took offense to that.

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