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Listening: this weekend sounding ass slouch socks playlist i created. Rhye, Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors, Jessy Lanza, and Little Dragon. 

Watching: soon as this food i ordered show up — i’m diving into the rest of Drop Dead Diva
Doing: praying that i don’t get buyer’s remorse from the shoes that i purchased. i hate buying clothes that i actually need. 

Eating: whooo jesus. it ain’t show up yet. but when that pizza gets up in me, my only regret will come when i baptize myself in the pacific ocean on monday evening. i have to remember that this is the only life i have and therefore, the pacific will understand me more than anyone has this year.

Drinking: why. the. fuck. is. my. glass. empty? i’m about to walk back out and get a fifth of something clear and fruity.

Wearing: tshirt. jeans. torn thoroughly at the bottom. salt-crusted nike boots. i must throw away these boots, those black loafers, those new balances, all of those underwear, those tshirts, and those dress shirts. also i must find a reliable dry-cleaners.

Feeling: fuck you. fuck you for thinking i’m not aware that i haven’t had a haircut in a month. fuck you for thinking something is wrong. fuck you for thinking i NEED something versus i WANT something different. and to be quite honest, when YOU get so full of your fucking self, the hatred i have for myself in these situations manifests into even greater hatred for your misunderstanding bitchshit. 

Weather: overcast and cloudy like shit. 50°F enough for this hoody and being held on a bus stop without sweating.

Wanting: this weekend and the following 4 days to work out. perfectly. there’s way too much concern and worry and anxiety crammed into my mental regarding this trip. i blame television. jarelion better take care of me.

Needing: the 60° on Sunday to come prematurely so i can enjoy this huge brunch I’m plotting to have on the balcony.

Thinking: i create better experiences alone than i do with you.

Enjoying: as always, see Listening

Listening: this deliciously sexy playlist that girl’Ashley turned me onto. it kinda makes me wanna be high or drunk or tipsy or….open. but it could just be the first track that got me like this though.

Reading: Simplify Your Life 

Doing: Writing an itinerary for this weekend. It’s going to be really full and require a ton of frugality and careful spending.

Eating: A slice of pizza from Home Slyce. I swear this is the best homemade pizza in the city of Baltimore. I danced all the way home. First I danced because of the incredible taste and then once the pizza was gone I danced because my mustache smelled of strongman. My fingers smelled salty and savory from the grease that dripped from the pepperoni and salami. I danced all the way to the bus stop. Eating. I danced all the way to the trash can to throw away the styrofoam container. The crust was crispy and soft all at the same time. Perfect. The cheese was scrumptious and I’m still literally singing about it. It’ll happen again tomorrow. (#Phrasing #Archer this whole thing tho)

Drinking: Nothing. But this playlist. I’m telling you. Here comes vodka,  bitches.

Wearing: A tshirt that used to conform to my body and now it feels like a stretchy poncho. I’m gaining weight. The pizza I’m sure ain’t helping. And khakis from earlier. 

Feeling: Tired. As shit. 

Weather: It’s chilly as hell outside tonight. It’s supposed to get warm tomorrow for a few hours. Partly cloudy; currently 45°F

Wanting: you to want me the way i want you. :(

Needing: to not want you at all period. And to do some more ab exercises or running. It’s safer to run around Druid Hill Park even though I go further with my Station North and Remington routes.

Thinking: about relocating to get away from everything and everyone and starting over and not looking back except to send or receive handwritten letters or postcards. 

Enjoying: this playlist. and the residual smell of pizza and baby powder. 

thank you girl’Ashley.


Pizza time is happy time…

Pizza time is happy time…

this is happening at Cloud High right now.


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