Fuck Yo’ Non-Barbering Ass

Listening: this weekend sounding ass slouch socks playlist i created. Rhye, Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors, Jessy Lanza, and Little Dragon. 

Watching: soon as this food i ordered show up — i’m diving into the rest of Drop Dead Diva
Doing: praying that i don’t get buyer’s remorse from the shoes that i purchased. i hate buying clothes that i actually need. 

Eating: whooo jesus. it ain’t show up yet. but when that pizza gets up in me, my only regret will come when i baptize myself in the pacific ocean on monday evening. i have to remember that this is the only life i have and therefore, the pacific will understand me more than anyone has this year.

Drinking: why. the. fuck. is. my. glass. empty? i’m about to walk back out and get a fifth of something clear and fruity.

Wearing: tshirt. jeans. torn thoroughly at the bottom. salt-crusted nike boots. i must throw away these boots, those black loafers, those new balances, all of those underwear, those tshirts, and those dress shirts. also i must find a reliable dry-cleaners.

Feeling: fuck you. fuck you for thinking i’m not aware that i haven’t had a haircut in a month. fuck you for thinking something is wrong. fuck you for thinking i NEED something versus i WANT something different. and to be quite honest, when YOU get so full of your fucking self, the hatred i have for myself in these situations manifests into even greater hatred for your misunderstanding bitchshit. 

Weather: overcast and cloudy like shit. 50°F enough for this hoody and being held on a bus stop without sweating.

Wanting: this weekend and the following 4 days to work out. perfectly. there’s way too much concern and worry and anxiety crammed into my mental regarding this trip. i blame television. jarelion better take care of me.

Needing: the 60° on Sunday to come prematurely so i can enjoy this huge brunch I’m plotting to have on the balcony.

Thinking: i create better experiences alone than i do with you.

Enjoying: as always, see Listening

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