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Writer. Researcher. Observer. Aspiring minimalist. Photographer. Music collector. Social Drinker. Sex enthusiast. Urban. Queer. Accepting. Public Transportation.
Spring and Autumn Memoir

this was right before the descent…



Stay The Same [Live At The Roundhouse] - Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana

"this train is movin’, but my heart is stationary.”

Mos Def

—Love (Instrumental)


"Love (Instrumental)" - Mos Def | Black on Both Sides (1999)

I see you boo…playable hair self.

  • while i’m glad to finally have my haircut after a month, it would be even more incredible to have a barber who had some concept of the word “taper” — it looks like my neck line stops/starts at my ears.
  • pat metheny made me cry today. again. it’s one thing for a song to make me cry. it happens often. in fact, music is the one thing that can make me cry more than anything else in the world. even if i’m sad and can’t get the tears out, half notes and quarter notes and dissonant chords will push them motherfuckers right down my face. HOWEVER, for a particular song to make me cry more than once is rare. and i swear he gives me proof on “The Way Up”
  • today feels like sunday - therefore my bags are completely packed for my trip. i just wish i had one of those extended battery juice packs. because the iPhone 5 battery is almost as reliable as public transportation.
  • here’s a thing about my tumblr crushes: they’re like magazine subscriptions. it’s something new every month. they hold my attention well. i get all up in that cerebral space. swipe all their cologne samples. get into them over a gin & sprite conversation…and then, never recycle, but always add to this masterpiece collage of mine.
  • i can’t wait for brunch.
  • this cali playlist is gon be the shit. all the artists from last night + Flying Lotus, Teebs, Me’Shell N’degeocello, 


dynamics of the subway

each note from the instruments is represented by a geometric shape in the animation; while these shapes move in sync with the song, they also form the parts that create the subway itself.

Artist: Son Lux
Song: Lost It To Trying
Album: Lanterns


Artist: The Love Experiment
Song: Take Off Your Cool (Cover)
(i do this cuz it’s raining for us)


minus the actual lyrics,
the actual commentary is how I feel about everything played on mainstream, syndicated radio in the 21st Century.

"and that’s a number one hit - [no] that’s a piece of shit."


Song: Last Transit (Interlude)
Artist: Uyama Hiroto

the problem is — ain’t nobody around
to understand the music enough
to make love to it.
and that’s why i keep
that vile in the


Prod. Iman Omari 


Artist: Brad Mehldau
Song: Hungry Ghost
Album: Mehliana: Taming the Dragon

yeah i’m kinda on this now.

Artist: Disclosure
Song: Latch


Artist: Toby Gale
Song: You & I
Album: Starfruit - EP

Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
(song has been in my head for months)

One YouTube commentor states:

"Their lives are gay;
Their lives are full of [sperm]”

Unheard lyrics. 


Artist: Sam Smith [Disclosure]
Song: Latch (Acoustic Live)
Album: Settle