morning quickie (sexy edition)

  1. said the words “my dude” to a tumblr crush one too many times. what kinda uneducated trade shit is this?
  2. why do i have the option to buy glass dildos New & Used off of Amazon? Just…. why?
  3. is it dildos or dildoes?
  4. according to the red squiggly line it’s dildos.
  5. i have a bad habit of grabbing ass(es) when I really get into a hug.
  6. i was going to say that i have too many tumblr crushes but most of them are straight so therefore…this.

enjoy y’alls humping day.

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Incomplete Thought: About my confidence

i thoroughly enjoyed the way i draped myself with confidence this morning. outside was cold. crisp. and i admired the sunrise. i thought to myself if no one else is able to be in awe of this, that’s fine. that just means that god put this entire performance on just for me. just to remind me that he’s god. no eggs and sausage today. i made farina. finally made it in 2.5 minutes like the box demanded. i felt like i did it right. it tasted like i did it wrong. 10 minutes and creamiest, sweetest pudding is what it should’ve been.

it was just…

i thoroughly enjoyed the way i draped myself with confidence. i was irritated though, by the way the headphones wouldn’t let me lift my head. i hate that. my first three hours at work were spent doing absolutely nothing. this is the part where i feel like my life was literally wasted: not only did i not do any work, but i can not, for the life of me, remember what i did instead. [social network]

 even with glasses, i loved the way i felt today.


Revisit: And now that the day is almost done, I pray to God that the miniblinds aren’t flame-retardant because I need this place to go down in all of it’s garland and jingle bell glory.

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  • Wet
  • Funky
  • Hungry
  • Overcast
  • 66 degrees
  • Goosebumps
  • Sex
  • Texting
  • When you make out aggressively while being pinned against a wall.
  • Lines drawn in the sand, easy to stay away from
  • Standing nude in the frame of my patio door.
  • What morning breath?
  • Twitter hashtags (#teamphonebone #morningwood #teambigdick)
  • Gospel music, gospel music, gospel music…
  • Slow dreams
  • Ass
  • Adventure
  • Routeless maps
  • Sex
  • Dark chocolate against Neapolitan complexions

And I’m just trying to make myself a bowl of Cream of Wheat so I can enjoy it being 66 degrees in this abode of mine.


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