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Spring and Autumn Memoir
all i want sometimes. not something to lay on.but this to lay on.
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all i want sometimes. 
not something to lay on.
but this to lay on.

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THIS is the kind of "PSA" we could use more of! (Just think of it as your “PENIS service announcement!”)


Some excellent jack off advice from Male-Pleasin.  Y’all check out his blog; it’s awesome.




The Seven Days of Self Service

Whether you’re alone or just in need of getting to know yourself again, these masturbation techniques will help to spice up the old routine. We’ve devised a week’s jerking pleasure.

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It’s been about four years since I played? My band director would be so disappointed

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Fall Shoot w/Metropolitan Boy
©2013 Marsalis Images Photography

Antonio Long for the Life Project
©2013 Marsalis Images Photography