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this was a queued post

  • I was such a girl this morning. shrieking. gasping. squealing. my sister got married today.
  • the wedding was amazing. quick. short. to the point. the only pins & needles came from the hope that everyone (guests) got to the courthouse before the 6.8 minute ceremony was over.
  • i’m no longer photographing weddings but i think i’ll definitely opt for the courthouse joints.
  • And now it’s time to do the reception.
  • i  love my extended family.

And also Artscape somewhere this weekend.


This Man Be

He be the future to my present
but effervescently absent
ascending into my thoughts with wings of a hawk
this man has my heart & i don’t even know his name

he be the reason i’ll change my last name
he switching the game up lke
she be the reason my heart beats again
introduce me to all his kin

he be my ken & i be his barbie
we devise a plan and create an army
he be like cozy cashmere blankets when he
wraps his arms around me
he be like necklaces made of candy
sweet & hard

this man goes hard
chiseling away at my heart
this man be a surgeon sending surges up my spine
i don’t even know him & i’m glad he’s mine
this man be fabric softener in the breeze
& i be easy, breezy, beautiful
his girl
cover girl
lover girl
plus the other girl

he directs me in a one woman show
i be his lady in the streets and the rest….
shit, you know

he be like warm lotion on my back
silky like that of satin

this man guides me…
he be my captain
watch my reaction
this man makes me go crazy
his love amazes me

he be prime time
'cause he gets all of my attention
oh & did i mention

he be like my favorite pen
writing smoothly across my surface
shit he gets me nervous
when he reads me

thru my eyes he can see what most couldn’t 
love him unapologetically some say i shouldn’t

be he be…
he be…

-luminoUS from Wine Glass Confessions