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So he went back to New York, formed Steve Reich and Musicians – who, in an early echo of events at the Bloc Festival, performed everywhere from art galleries to discos – humped furniture with Philip Glass and developed his phasing technique. He went to Ghana to study African drumming.

"You could get a cheap ticket if you went to some place in east London and got some ticket that said you were a Nigerian flight engineer," he frowns. "Do I look like a Nigerian flight engineer?" He came back with a case of malaria, and a renewed conviction that he was following the right path.

this has been my final hour.

Train Shed from H Street Exterior Rendering

A wavy roof and shimmering glass atriums would join the stately dome of Washington, D.C.’s Union Station if the new $7 billion master plan from Amtrak comes to be. The proposal would convert Washington, D.C.’s main transit terminal from an aging, over-capacity station that dates to 1907 into a modern transportation hub of high-speed rail that will double the number of trains and triple the number of passengers in gleaming, glass-encased halls.



Bentley EXP 9F SUV

How even did I miss that Bentley had an SUV. So yeah - about that $1 million dollars deal? I think I’d get this instead of the Audi. I mean - I’m not trying to be flashy or nothing but this is just so cute.

Let me find out my inner gay creative side is obsessed with the color seafoam.


The law’s opponents submitted 122,481 signatures in favor of a referendum; 55,736 are required. If enough are verified as legitimate, as expected, Maryland will be in the center of a national debate on same-sex marriage, with groups on both sides preparing to spend millions.

I’ve been making beats for like 20 minutes now
(actually I haven’t - but the day I found this website I did.)


I’m the CTRL + ALT + DEL when all else fails.

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Beats & Eats puts music on the menu by pairing a newly release album with a meal. Come listen to the new album of Esperanza Spalding, Radio Music Society, and get some great food at Creme. Admission to this event is FREE, just come ready to listen to some good music, eat some good food and make some new friends.

Make sure to tweet #beats&eats & #soulcialize and spread the word!!

It’s something that’s very handy if you’re documenting, say, breaking news, or the eating of a really nice pizza. But one to be very careful with if you’re in the habit of sharing quick snaps of yourself in your Lacy Unmentionables to a partner.


"One fact that’s clear is that the new iPad quadruples its pixel count over the iPad 2 and given that, I’m not feeling particularly envious of rival tablet makers right now. Competing with the iPad 2 was already tough enough, but once new tablet users get a hold of it and take a gander at that screen, especially gamers, yeah, well let’s just say, I’m glad I’m not in the competing with the iPad business."

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(I’m glad I’m not as pressed as I probably could be)

A great little list of tips on some blogging etiquette, how-to’s, and should-do’s by @fatmumslim (creator of the, now wildly popular, monthly photo challenges found on Facebook & instagram)

Back in May 2010 ADR Studio launched its first visionary concept of the iWatch. Now, after 2 years, this is the first time someone ever releases a “2″ version of a product that has never been launched on the market. This is really new for a concept study! Say hello to iWatch2.