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this is a bubble monster


this was right before the descent…


Track: Luckiest Charm
Artist: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus Remix - Let it Go (Reefer)

i don’t know what’s more interesting,
children soldiers
a gritty show of masculinity with wigs and dresses
either way
it haunts me.
in the best way.

I had a dream just now that there was a deeper bass line to Flying Lotus’ “Getting There” and it sent chills to my core.

I had on headphones so the chills were almost like the chills I get from the warm/cool combination I feel when someone is licking in my ear.

And before I knew it I was dozing. On the bus stop. And I’d stopped breathing. In ecstasy. And then the music pulled me. Showed me that this cuntshitass bus hadn’t showed yet.

I hate this whore of a bus.


Putty Boy Strut
Flying Lotus
"Until the Quiet Comes"



this has been my final hour.

Snippets of the Entire Album.
Come on October…. 

Come on October. Please.

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Flying Lotus


So I have no idea if this track was ever properly released or remember how I found it, I just remember it used to play during Adult Swim’s recap of the previous week’s ratings. Great track from FlyLo though.

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Good Morning[wood]

Instrumental to my earlier post.



sapsippper: Flying Lotus - Glendale Galleria (Original Version)

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Electronica (not so much) Friday

Artist: Miguel Atwood Ferguson covering Flying Lotus

Song: Computerface