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Writer. Researcher. Observer. Aspiring minimalist. Photographer. Music collector. Social Drinker. Sex enthusiast. Urban. Queer. Accepting. Public Transportation.
Spring and Autumn Memoir
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  • Wet
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  • Hungry
  • Overcast
  • 66 degrees
  • Goosebumps
  • Sex
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  • When you make out aggressively while being pinned against a wall.
  • Lines drawn in the sand, easy to stay away from
  • Standing nude in the frame of my patio door.
  • What morning breath?
  • Twitter hashtags (#teamphonebone #morningwood #teambigdick)
  • Gospel music, gospel music, gospel music…
  • Slow dreams
  • Ass
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  • Routeless maps
  • Sex
  • Dark chocolate against¬†Neapolitan complexions

And I’m just trying to make myself a bowl of Cream of Wheat so I can enjoy it being 66 degrees in this abode of mine.