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Quite possibly the best film I’ve seen all year….

I needed a distraction from that last post. So here.


This is the most important documentary I’ve ever seen.

real quick…

  • i look back at old photos i’ve taken and old compositions i’ve written and i say, “somewhere inside of me there’s still a very possible greatness that needs to be rediscovered.”
  • i used to be a great writer.
  • i used to be a great photographer
  • when people (guys) tell me they’re horny, i automatically join in and get horny too.
  • as a result, i’m pretty absolute that tina belcher is my spirit animal. she’s obsessed with coitus, butts, and raunch.

i need a nap.


You know what would go great with this sugar bread? Some frozen sugar milk
Jim Gaffigan on Ice Cream & Cake

This was one of the short films that was shared at Artscape this year. I’m a little sad I can’t find it online (I also spent a total of 72 seconds looking for it, so there). It was absolutely amazing. 

You must see this work.


Arrested Development
Mmmm hmm…

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what he said…



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What sort of conversation ensues when rapper Young Jeezy meets Betty White? The “I Do” rapper tweeted “With the OG Betty White.” He and the “Golden Girl” were backstage at the “Conan” show waitin gto speak with the animated host where they bumped heads.

-The Urban Daily

"we also specialize in homosexual hairdos." Quite honestly that’s all that matters.

View the original video here