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Listening: A combination of my fall playlist and my evening lounge playlist. I have a ton of excitement and energy over this music.
Watching: I’m watching The Help (again). I tell you what: these movies about the history of African-Americans in this country have a great thread to them but I can only hear all the folks on tumblr pointing out the err and flaws with each film. It’s part of the reason that I haven’t seen 12 Years A Slave yet. (also because I have to have someone hold my hand in heavy movies like that sometimes…..only sometimes) 

Doing: Just got finished planking for 35 seconds. Yesterday was more difficult but that was also because it was accompanied by push-ups.
Eating: my diet today - I had three bowls of peanut butter crunch and half a pack of Nathan’s. either i’m a bachelor like a boss or it’s time to go to the grocery store. I’m going to go with the former instead of the latter because I actually  have a full meal I could’ve made but didn’t feel like it.

Drinking: what you know about fresh-out-the-freezer pepsi under a cold window fan when it’s 46° outside?
Wearing: I was going to say my favorite basketball shorts but their back story is moreso what I enjoy over the basketball shorts
Feeling: energetic over pepsi and music and …. shit. I think I might do some shots. no. don’t.
Weather: Negroes say it’s cold. 

Wanting: toys. lots and lots of toys. it’s November - I owe Santa a list.
Needing: to stop acting like I’m a born and raised New Yorker who done arrived. nothing about any part of me says get that $700 outfit. nothing.

Thinking: 5 more minutes and the disappointment begins. *sigh*

Enjoying: if this robe had a bury feature i’d be so deep in it with some chai on the side. 

  • This winter, I’d like to become a film buff.
  • I wish African-American cinema wasn’t so stereotypically owned and operated by TPS.
  • I came home with ingredients to make chai and said, “I need new music”
  • I was reminded of a dropbox full of new music and got excited.
  • just realized I have 4 - count them - FOUR photography projects I still have to complete. this is saddening.
  • chai though.

none of them know that i operate for them because i’m crushing on them. none of them. (giggle) when they mention vaginas I give them my sternest Lady Tremaine.

then i get my shit together.
it’s deliciously cold. 

So in exchange for this white chocolate, caramel, banana, yellow #cold ice cream cake - my brother is destroying my bathroom. #photoadayapril (Taken with instagram)

#photoadayapril Day 10: Some would argue that I keep the internal temperature of my apt. too #Cold (Taken with Instagram at Cloud High)

I currently have a fucking cold.
Pun in-fucking-tended.


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