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  • Guest: so I take it I'm late?
  • Me: a lil bit.
  • Guest: Dammit
  • Me: I would say that you're MTA-late but....that would imply that you're inconsistent and unreliable and I can't insult you like that.
  • Guest: LMFAO I told someone they were bus-late and they literally passed away from hysterical laughter.
  • Me: Bus late is strong as shit. If a woman say her period is bus-late, that means she's already in her 6th trimester.

eightpspiMTA on Flickr.

You can reach your dreams….
Just don’t let them go to your head.
And make sure there’s some form of transportation to spark your inspiration.

like with me.


April 21st…

who’s coming with me & Mars to get the buses!?



Detroit Windsor Tunnel - 1959


A Greyhound Bus from 1938… Washington, DC bound!

Marsalis Images Photography