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the de ville coupe made me do it.


forever crush. ||Reblog|| :qws:

forever crush.

||Reblog|| :qws:

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i don’t know if it’s the walking
or if it’s the laughing
or the dining and
literally breaking bread
while sitting Indian style on the floor…
I don’t know if it’s long drawl of “chile”
or if it’s the magic in her headdress
but something about spending time [with etceterauniverse]
creates the most orchestral of sounds
and life becomes the dope at


this was DTLA, Culver City, and Compton.
self-portrait courtesy of jarelion


this is waiting for something younger.


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ode to mars


It’s still bright in here.


this is a nostalgic dreamer.
Louis Garrel


this is a bare hand.



It’s been about four years since I played? My band director would be so disappointed

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this is cloud 37
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All kinds of yes.

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Antonio Long for the Life Project
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