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the scratch

that time I took a selfie and realized that there actually is, in addition to my already fucked up vision, a permanent scratch on my eyeglass lens. 

I’m utilizing the shit out of my health benefits 2015. 


all i want sometimes. not something to lay on.but this to lay on.
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all i want sometimes. 
not something to lay on.
but this to lay on.

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karamobrown:Love the beaches in LA!Photographed: Jerris Madison
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Love the beaches in LA!
Photographed: Jerris Madison

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this is a dark tavern.


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Photography: Daria Johnson Photography + Design
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C. K. Waller
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zzzemen: steven beck

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I can’t help it I am in love with his boldness and his sexiness.  Zavier is such a beauty with a Phat booty. 


I want to learn to photograph like this.I want to be photographed like this.this is my favorite…


I want to learn to photograph like this.
I want to be photographed like this.
this is my favorite…


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If I didn’t have to work today - 
it would be one of those Sundays….