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Spring and Autumn Memoir
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Autumn 2013
Robert E. Lee Park / Lake Roland
©2013 Marsalis Images Photography


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Chilly Gonzales,
Solo Piano

Artist: Chilly Gonzales
Album: Solo Piano
Song: Gentle Threat

from my autumn playlist

this is my cream of wheat

Pudding Farina:

  • Cream of Wheat
  • French Vanilla Cream
  • Vanilla Milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Butter
  • maybe honey

it’s autumn.


Listening: So I worked really hard on an Autumn Playlist yesterday and now i’m listening to the electronica portion of it. Oh and my windows are still open so I’m also listening to the whirring echo of I-83 down below. Yeah it’s a cloud high regular until we have a high of 40°.

Reading: old posts to remind myself of how I truly define “relationship”
Doing: about to hop in the shower and freshen up for this outing happening tonight. I’m going to see Bad Grandpa. Not my first choice by any means. Bad Grandpa is a movie I’d wait to see on Netflix on an extremely bored day off from work. Not something I’d pay $12 to see on fucking opening night. I’ll redeem myself next week on my day off by going to see 12 Years a Slave or Gravity or Carrie or some shit like that.
Eating: thinking about the oreo cheesecake cups I just saw. I’m tasting them in my imagination otherwise I ain’t eating a damn thing.
Drinking: shit. I forgot to get a 5-hour energy. because between now and the theater house, I’m pretty sure sleep is going to start massaging my shoulders and tell me it’s okay…..everything will be okay; everything is okay.
Wearing: grey & navy boxer briefs. the windows are open….
Feeling: pensive. to say the least. but I got that good haircut tonight tho’.
Weather: Partly cloudy skies, dark, currently 52°. All of my windows are open and I think my window fan is trying to drop a hint. The temperature setting caused it to cut off automatically because of how chilly it is.

I was walking around today sweating, warm, uncomfortably warm. I walked past people who were bundled in scarves, tarps (yeah those), burlap, gloves, and nigga hats. *sigh* they all made me hotter as I saw each of them. 

Wanting: my futon. and to see something other than Bad Grandpa.

Needing: to act like I have $3 in my bank account. instead of this shit that looks like a tax refund. #blessed
Thinking: …about what I’m reading.

Enjoying: this cold. this cold. this cold. and this playlist. It’s absolutely delicious.


Fall Shoot w/Metropolitan Boy
©2013 Marsalis Images Photography

More of this fall campaign.

"Falling for Autumn" Fall 2012 Photo Campaign
Book your shoot today! Special in effect until the end of October!

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Lorenzo W.
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Today’s Assignment

Brend D.
Marsalis Images Photography 2011


D. Angelo
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Fall Special is still in effect. Interested


So I have this going on….
You interested

We previewed the Billykirk collection for Autumn 2011 way back. Today, we bring you some fresh looks at a few pieces as presented by Indigo & Cotton. Quality and craftsmanship is what the collection has always been about. Everyting is handmade by the brothers in their Jersey studio. Photography can only show so much. Hunt down the collection and feel it for yourself.


(via therouteofalldreams)

  • Orange.
  • Orange and brown.
  • Freezing in the shade, sweating in the sun
  • Cardigan gold
  • Crunchy soles
  • Cinnamon
  • Frothy
  • Kickball with jackets
  • Quiet neighborhood intersections. They have 2 way stop signs.
  • Fools with overnight windows open
  • Orange and brown.
  • Writing
  • Writer’s bump…growth
  • Pruned pages
  • Cologne
  • New loves. Always right here.
  • Sneaking under bridges in parks
  • Stones
  • Deliciously frothy
  • Shivering

Underneath 4:43pm sunsets.