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So I’m in Saint Louis….

  • first of all i have a white impala and if anyone from the Los Angeles trip knows what white impalas are known for - you better pray for me.
  • got lost twice (before leaving the rental car parking lot — see first bullet)
  • Sweetie Pies was dope. I came. I did. Something touristy. And I moved on. 
  • This hotel is absolutely incredible. It’s beautiful, very urban and hipster, QUITE minimal; you know it’s a must for things to be minimal.
  • there was a box of magnums on top of the gideon bible inside the nightstand. this hotel, if for no other reason, wins for that. oh and the incredible artwork too.
  • the concert - as always - made me cry. to actually hear signature Reich pulsing live in person from center house just moved me there. i couldn’t help but cry. and Carmina Burana is a very misunderstood piece. I feel that everyone should take the time to understand it before coining it demonic or archaic. The shit was written in ‘36. Can’t be but so archaic.
  • now i’m debating whether to get into some trouble or carry my geriatric ass to bed. i mean - after all - i did fall asleep two sections before the finale. but whatevs.

Saint Louis is treating me well so far. all. by. my. damn. self. (!!!)
now - to save up my coins so that my house can look like HGTV within the next 6 months.