Sectioning, Arching, Fortune & Fate

So I’m in Saint Louis….

  • first of all i have a white impala and if anyone from the Los Angeles trip knows what white impalas are known for - you better pray for me.
  • got lost twice (before leaving the rental car parking lot — see first bullet)
  • Sweetie Pies was dope. I came. I did. Something touristy. And I moved on. 
  • This hotel is absolutely incredible. It’s beautiful, very urban and hipster, QUITE minimal; you know it’s a must for things to be minimal.
  • there was a box of magnums on top of the gideon bible inside the nightstand. this hotel, if for no other reason, wins for that. oh and the incredible artwork too.
  • the concert - as always - made me cry. to actually hear signature Reich pulsing live in person from center house just moved me there. i couldn’t help but cry. and Carmina Burana is a very misunderstood piece. I feel that everyone should take the time to understand it before coining it demonic or archaic. The shit was written in ‘36. Can’t be but so archaic.
  • now i’m debating whether to get into some trouble or carry my geriatric ass to bed. i mean - after all - i did fall asleep two sections before the finale. but whatevs.

Saint Louis is treating me well so far. all. by. my. damn. self. (!!!)
now - to save up my coins so that my house can look like HGTV within the next 6 months.


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I wasn’t going to post this until I saw someone reblog that last gif. So I had to share the source because this is one of my favorite things ever.


probably a repost.

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this is headed to Jersey from Philly

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when the sky cracks open
and the trumpet sounds
and the rotation of this planet and its moon slows to a hault
the corrupted, they say, will become incorruptible
and the mortal, they say, will take on immortality
but i reckon somewhere between earth’s stopping
and God’s rapture
there will be someone, who
with such thick naivete
on a train - will find themselves
rolling down a set of open tracks
and the rising up of this sound will ooze from the engine of the train
and they will drink it up
it’s unscented sticky sweet
and they’ll swallow it down
and let it coat their insides
because little do they know
this will be the last true blessing felt
beneath the hairs 
of their skin;
behind the cartilage of their senses…

Quillium C. Wordsmith

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Steve Reich : Different Trains : Mvt 3 After The War

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verb on deez

Listening: Four Sections, Part I by Steve Reich. This is like the best thing to listen to while staring at the clouds. 

Reading: today is the Baltimore Film Festival.

Doing: watching the clouds on my baclony. now this — this is incredible. so far i’ve seen a police badge with a goatee, a squid with no tentacles, and an actual blimp. not a cloud but a blimp. third weekend i’ve seen it.

Eating: a bag of Lay’s potato chips. my hands are now greasier than when I’m having sugar.

Drinking: a tall glass of water to balance out the amount of sodium that was in those fucking potato chips.

Wearing: my black. some blues. the whites where it’s tender, the boots are good for walking.

Feeling: like i know what i have to do - but i don’t feel like doing it.

Weather: partly cloudy, big puffy clouds, 73° and breeeezy. leaves are starting to up the chlorophyll
Wanting: my home to be changed for the season. 

Needing: for someone like myself to be as inconsistent as I am, I think i’m finally in need of a touch of consistency.

: don’t bluff me. I didn’t bluff you.

Enjoying: these clouds and my imagination.

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last minute quickie…about being 18

there’s something incredible about walking up to my door as the last movement of this piece quiets down to a meditative shuttup

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Waiting for Music in B&N

I’m sitting in a Barnes & Noble. One with a lot of natural lighting and I chose a seat that is being flooded by sunlight. It’s really plush. Might even be sunken in leathery type of plush. And I’m waiting for him. I’m listening to the kids in the children section; they can be heard chasing each other around, I can hear the cappuccino machine whirring and hissing behind the counter.

Then he walks up to me….

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Underwhelmingly Overwhelming 5.6.13

Listening: these cars outside. it’s not raining yet but I swear the cars outside are giving me the perfect prelude for what’s to come.

Reading: this life membership listing for work. Yes I’m working from home when I really should be laying with my back on the floor and my barefeet aimed towards the chandelier of the great room, giggling uncontrollably at how amazing and incredible i am and how feeble and idiotic they are. either way - they’d still be in my fucking house after 5p.

Doing: i’m watching the hunger games. i love the first half of the hunger games - like - right before they begin fighting. there’s something about District 12 coming out in flames and then Steve Reich playing in the background as each tribute runs for their ammunition. give. me. life.

Speaking of Steve Reich (and please say nothing about my “caps, caps here - no caps there” inconsistent capitalization methods) I was watching the best of Chris Farley SNL this weekend on Netflix and realized that during his commercial sketch for Hibernol, Music for 18 Musicians is playing in the background. It was probably the most amazing part of my watching. Now every time I hear Section II I’m going to see him fighting off a cold.

Eating: Chicken. florentine. spinach. thing. out of a frozen bag. haven’t eaten all day. lucky i didn’t get another meat lovers pizza.

Drinking: Ginless Sierra Mist.

Wearing: just a t-shirt. oh and dress socks. how even is….

Feeling: hopeless. depression trying to settle but too busy with work to give it room.

Weather: Cloudy 68°F with pending rain.

Wanting: the opposite of what I’m currently feeling. 

Needing: tongue. right. there.

Thinking: I really  need to figure out what’s about to happen with this here life of mine. I’m no longer in my 20s. I can’t just live day-in; day-out - hoping for everything to fall into place. I need to have a map and a goal. My current map seems to be as effective as a local bus schedule.

Enjoying: everything I’m listening to currently. that is it. ONLY what i’m listening to.


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  • thaddeusrnot a question. just thanking you for your recent post about unfuck my habitat. beyond that I enjoy everything you share. ;)
  • Awww! You know the feelings are mutual. From iG to tumblr - there’s nothing like the sharing of great photography. I also encourage you to definitely check out:

    Pretty sure my house will be just as minimal as the music I clean to after dealing with these blogs.

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