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Writer. Researcher. Observer. Aspiring minimalist. Photographer. Music collector. Social Drinker. Sex enthusiast. Urban. Queer. Accepting. Public Transportation.
Spring and Autumn Memoir
Lauryn Hill

—The Makings Of You

Artist: Lauryn Hill
Track: The Makings Of You

Soul Tuesdsay

Artist: Georgia Anne Muldrow
Song: Lovelight
Album: Fragments of  an Earth

i love this song
i hate that i just signed up for Spotify by way of Facebook.

hate it. 

(Source: Spotify)

Song: Blue God
Album: From the Heart
Artist: Jessica Reedy

If you make me feel good
If you make it alright
Just take care of me
And give me what I need
And then maybe we can get to you…


my listenings for this week….


Artist: Jean Carne
Song: Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
Album: Happy To Be With You

Soul Tuesday


My quiet evening…



Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) [Live]
Music Hall of Williamsburg - 08.16.2011
Little Dragon

—Terence Blanchard & Bilal - When Will You Call

Artist: Terrence Blanchard covering/featuring Bilal Oliver
Song: When Will You Call

Jazz Wednesday (making up for Soul Tuesday)

did i mention it’s raining like it knows better? 

—Muhsinah - Plan B

Soul Tuesday

Artist: Muhsinah
Song: Plan B


—Cree-Summer-Smoothing My Heart

Soul Tuesday

Artist: Cree Summer
Song: Smooth My Heart 


—Gretchen Parlato - Weak

Soul Tuesday

Artist: Gretchen Parlato
Song: Weak (SWV Cover)

I never tire of this version


I absolutely love and adore when artists throw their fans for a loop and remind them that they are, not only still around, but grown as shit. Visually stimulating - with tons of colorful visuals.

I can’t say that I’m anxious, but I’m definitely curious…

Artist: Goapole
Song: Play