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this is breaking and entering part deux
the cell phone version can be found here.
(New York 6/8/13)


this is riding into the sunset.
(i realized this and several other omitted shots from my time in New York were completely out of focus. I can not wait to get my new camera. my poor Mars is going through it.)


this is looking on.
(New York 6/8/13)


Because who doesn’t like "Moaning" by Charles Mingus New York.


I remember when I first visited New York as a kid I spent most of my time looking up at the tall buildings. No matter what was happening on the street the architecture above me had my full attention. Now that I live here as an adult I tend to soak in what’s happening at eye level, but every now and then I’ll stop and take a moment to look up and think back to when I was first amazed by this city. I still am, and I’m glad I can call it home.




Ten years.

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