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I wasn’t going to post this until I saw someone reblog that last gif. So I had to share the source because this is one of my favorite things ever.


probably a repost.

when the sky cracks open
and the trumpet sounds
and the rotation of this planet and its moon slows to a hault
the corrupted, they say, will become incorruptible
and the mortal, they say, will take on immortality
but i reckon somewhere between earth’s stopping
and God’s rapture
there will be someone, who
with such thick naivete
on a train - will find themselves
rolling down a set of open tracks
and the rising up of this sound will ooze from the engine of the train
and they will drink it up
it’s unscented sticky sweet
and they’ll swallow it down
and let it coat their insides
because little do they know
this will be the last true blessing felt
beneath the hairs 
of their skin;
behind the cartilage of their senses…

Quillium C. Wordsmith

there’s something incredible about walking up to my door as the last movement of this piece quiets down to a meditative shuttup

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Music for 18 Musicians manuscript.


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And just when I didn’t think I was smart enough, the album that I listen to daily on my way to and from work, the album I drove six hours out of town to hear live, the album that I tell everyone about and to which I do my best exercising - is the album that “is waaaay too smart for me”


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