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How was it

It was very chill. She definitely had some pieces on there that shows her growth, as always, as an artist. That’s important. Anyone can release an album, few folks attempt to release a book. I think that’s what make her so impressive is that she actually grows in so many aspects of her work. Being a full-time artist, I’m sure, attributes to that.

From the Chrysalis to Gemini Moon and even down to Black Marks on White Paper, she does it up.

LOVE the Poet
"Gemini Moon" Release Party

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I had an awesome time at Story Tellers Sunday Jan 16th… it was my actual birthday and Raven, luminoUS, and Quill pulled out all the stops for me… it was an awesome night! Axiom featured and rocked the house and Quill and QueenEarth kicked off a great jam session dedicated to me… it was a blessed night filled with marvelous surprises.  Check out this footage of the jam session! Thanks Raven, Quill, and luminoUS you made it the best 30th birthday ever!

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