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Here’s a trip….I went to Atlanta and:

  1. Had some delicious at the Daquiri Factory
  2. Saw Nicole Page-Brooks at Blake’s in the Gayborhood
  3. Had the most refreshing “line-up” at 71 Barbers in the Lindbergh Community.
  4. Discovered Publix
  5. Had a laugh at the toll booth with a stranger
  6. Went to the Atlanta Jazz Festival
  7. Fell in love with the sounds and scents at Mood Music
  8. Heard a street musician doing his own thing
  9. Got good and tipsy at Einstein’s. Couldn’t even finish that strong island that Dennis made for me.
  10. Got clocked by the same dude twice in two different places on two different days.

And out of all of that….the only thing I took a picture of with Mars was my friend Mo picking out his accessories for the day.

this is the tea.
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His Accessories…


Maiden Noir Fall Winter 2011 Collection

What happens when a man of understated tastes gets (relatively) daring with his fashion choices? Welcome to the first in a seven-part sartorial experiment.

We previewed the Billykirk collection for Autumn 2011 way back. Today, we bring you some fresh looks at a few pieces as presented by Indigo & Cotton. Quality and craftsmanship is what the collection has always been about. Everyting is handmade by the brothers in their Jersey studio. Photography can only show so much. Hunt down the collection and feel it for yourself.

Notre Dame Cultural Fashion Showcase
Marsalis Images Photography


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