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Jesus be….

  • I prayed the scriptures on my way to work - it made it less irritating that I was waiting for a bus that was probably 30 minutes behind schedule.
  • I prayed the scriptures on my way to work - God is not a superhero or a magical genie who grants wishes. Jesus isn’t a big brother that will push your bully into moving traffic. Christianity and faith is none of what I just mentioned, but sometimes praying and the biblical definition of Faith pushes me a little further to that point where I know I’ll be able to make it. I blame my much better day on the fact that I prayed the scripture.
  • My phone is an absolute cuntass for auto-correcting the word “so” to the word “do”. Seriously?
  • If I go to bed now, I can take the other half of this DiGiorno for lunch tomorrow.
  • I just need it to get better.

I just need quiet.


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