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So first you need to know that I absolutely love this blog, “Unfuck Your Habitat”. It keeps me on point over the weekends when I wanna do nothing but lounge around and play with lint on the floor, it makes my morning rituals more fun, and it SOMETIMES help at work. (My ADHD is a force to reckon with.)

Over the weekend a Challenge was posted to clean up something that was pretty much labeled as horrific. So I decided to do my closet. Call me weird. Call me strange. But when it gets close to laundry day, I fold up all of my dirty clothes. I don’t drive so the more compact I can get my 2-3 weeks worth of laundry, the easier it is to transport. Whether by BFF’s backseat or my geriatric grocery/laundry cart.

I live in a small studio with one closet and my laundry was starting to get out of hand (which means all of my storage space was becoming unusable). So I decided to go on and get ta folding. You can see the before and after pictured, now all I have to do is wait for that golden opportunity to use my favorite product …


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