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  • left work at 2p yesterday because i worked 4 hours over on Monday (winning)
  • before leaving or when announcing your departure from work, always announce all the good you did regarding your work.
  • we went to Waldorf. according to foursquare, we haven’t been to waldorf since February 2011. WHATT???
  • instagram is now on Android and all of the iPhone users are bitching about it. i really - and i mean REALLY - have no idea why. had the same people/friends popped up on instagram unannounced, we’d all just think there was influx in iPod touch sales. suck a dick elitists.
  • i can’t believe with everything i drank last night, i was the most sober one out of the three. it was disappointing.
  • despite the last bullet, at least i know that i thoroughly enjoyed the wings. ALL THEM WINGS!!!!! ALL THEM BEAUTIFUL BUFFALO WINGS.
  • hairdresser. take me now.
  • drunk monday. drunk tuesday. and it’s only wednesday. glad i don’t have to wait til the weekend. still don’t make it come any faster.
  • i love flirting while drunk. it’s like foreplay. and foreplay while drunk is like sex. there’s no such thing as sex while drunk with me. was that too much?

crispy chicken
fresh lettuce
three cheeses
ranch dressing
wrapped up in a

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