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Spring and Autumn Memoir

I see you boo…playable hair self.

  • while i’m glad to finally have my haircut after a month, it would be even more incredible to have a barber who had some concept of the word “taper” — it looks like my neck line stops/starts at my ears.
  • pat metheny made me cry today. again. it’s one thing for a song to make me cry. it happens often. in fact, music is the one thing that can make me cry more than anything else in the world. even if i’m sad and can’t get the tears out, half notes and quarter notes and dissonant chords will push them motherfuckers right down my face. HOWEVER, for a particular song to make me cry more than once is rare. and i swear he gives me proof on “The Way Up”
  • today feels like sunday - therefore my bags are completely packed for my trip. i just wish i had one of those extended battery juice packs. because the iPhone 5 battery is almost as reliable as public transportation.
  • here’s a thing about my tumblr crushes: they’re like magazine subscriptions. it’s something new every month. they hold my attention well. i get all up in that cerebral space. swipe all their cologne samples. get into them over a gin & sprite conversation…and then, never recycle, but always add to this masterpiece collage of mine.
  • i can’t wait for brunch.
  • this cali playlist is gon be the shit. all the artists from last night + Flying Lotus, Teebs, Me’Shell N’degeocello, 

I wasn’t going to post this until I saw someone reblog that last gif. So I had to share the source because this is one of my favorite things ever.


probably a repost.

carlosison: Accurate representation of how I feel at this very moment.

carlosison: Accurate representation of how I feel at this very moment.



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finally got my fucking haircut.

finally got my fucking haircut.



dynamics of the subway

each note from the instruments is represented by a geometric shape in the animation; while these shapes move in sync with the song, they also form the parts that create the subway itself.

Artist: Son Lux
Song: Lost It To Trying
Album: Lanterns


Top 15 Reasons You ARE NOT Relationship Material

oh hello numbers 1, 4, 6, 10, and 14.
goodbye mister right
hello cup o’noodles
goodbye steak & bj day.


It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.


(tomorrow is neverending tho’ - think on that shit)

this is the inner harbor"heeeyyyyy Baltimore"

this is the inner harbor
"heeeyyyyy Baltimore"


Fuck Yo’ Non-Barbering Ass

Listening: this weekend sounding ass slouch socks playlist i created. Rhye, Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors, Jessy Lanza, and Little Dragon. 

Watching: soon as this food i ordered show up — i’m diving into the rest of Drop Dead Diva
Doing: praying that i don’t get buyer’s remorse from the shoes that i purchased. i hate buying clothes that i actually need. 

Eating: whooo jesus. it ain’t show up yet. but when that pizza gets up in me, my only regret will come when i baptize myself in the pacific ocean on monday evening. i have to remember that this is the only life i have and therefore, the pacific will understand me more than anyone has this year.

Drinking: why. the. fuck. is. my. glass. empty? i’m about to walk back out and get a fifth of something clear and fruity.

Wearing: tshirt. jeans. torn thoroughly at the bottom. salt-crusted nike boots. i must throw away these boots, those black loafers, those new balances, all of those underwear, those tshirts, and those dress shirts. also i must find a reliable dry-cleaners.

Feeling: fuck you. fuck you for thinking i’m not aware that i haven’t had a haircut in a month. fuck you for thinking something is wrong. fuck you for thinking i NEED something versus i WANT something different. and to be quite honest, when YOU get so full of your fucking self, the hatred i have for myself in these situations manifests into even greater hatred for your misunderstanding bitchshit. 

Weather: overcast and cloudy like shit. 50°F enough for this hoody and being held on a bus stop without sweating.

Wanting: this weekend and the following 4 days to work out. perfectly. there’s way too much concern and worry and anxiety crammed into my mental regarding this trip. i blame television. jarelion better take care of me.

Needing: the 60° on Sunday to come prematurely so i can enjoy this huge brunch I’m plotting to have on the balcony.

Thinking: i create better experiences alone than i do with you.

Enjoying: as always, see Listening

this is waterfront property

this is waterfront property


Artist: The Love Experiment
Song: Take Off Your Cool (Cover)
(i do this cuz it’s raining for us)